Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Bucket List

                                  Bucket List
 1.  I would like to hit the Kentuncky Derby Superfecta once before I die, this is just a personal challenge I have not been able to accomplish, and will never stop trying.
a. side note
If I do hit the Derby Super, it would most likely be able to finance a number of my other List Items, so wish me well.

2.  Earn a Winner's Circle picture in NYRA circuit , prefereably in Saratoga Springs, but NYC would be just fine too.
a. side note
As member of DAS , this may become a reality before anything else on my list

3.  A all inclusive week of Fishing in Alaska during the summer, this is a trip of about 7500.00 minimum, maybe if one was creative it could be cheaper, but I wish to be able to bring home my catch which could be up to a few hundred pounds, I hope. This my most desired of all my fishing trips, guarenteed to catch lots of fish and in a pristine place.

4.  To be able to spend a season at Sarotga Springs for an entire race season and this may be my most pricey of all Bucket list items. A 1 br season rental near track could run 5500-7500 a season, phew alot, then I must survive, so another 5000 for food and incidentals, like cab , groceries, restruants and of course wagering, maybe a small 2500 bank for this, or a 1000 make it or break it  I would definetely have a few friends I could meet up with at this meet, and if lucky enough possibly get picture in the Winners Circle, with my association with Drawing Away Stables , which means 2 Bucket List items are done in one big swoop, if only it was that easy. Price is flexible and I may need min. 7500 to 11000 to enjoy it as it is meant to be enjoyed.
a. side note
I could look into volunteering again with Backstrech Employee's Service Team, a non-profit helping the backstrech employees, I never had so much fun in my life than that year working behind the scenes of Saratoga, it was wonderful. Sad part is without a Derby hit, this may never happen, as I am a hard working man but to save 12k in a year to blow would be awesome, but making that much may be too much to do, but it is there in case Number 1 is ever hit.
b. This is where hitting the Derby Superfecta may help pay for this excursion, otherwise it may never happen, but maybe a week or 2 could still take place, if I had a DAS runner with a real chance to win, and DAS does win.

5.  This is tough choice cause I guess you are suppose to only have 5 things, but I am torn between 2 things for my last spot and think I will add a 6th spot, Fishing and Horse's as you see are my 2 great passions in life, because Pam Anderson is married again, lol.
Taking the 5th spot is min. 2 weeks at a NYC track, (I hear Mecca is better, either would do, not Belmont week too crowded for me, sorry) all 1st Class like there was no tomorrow.
Getting an inclusive tour of the front and back of the track, and as an Owner, (with my affiliation with DAS ),  be treated as such, not quite sure what that entails, never been an owner before, but it must be a once in a lifetime experience . I have some facebook friends and DAS friends and even some (horse forum site) friends that I could try to meet up at the track, spend a day handicapping like I do it everyday, with the best people in the world, I would be like I died and went to heaven , being able to cap with the best, if they would allow me to for a day or 3 , I think most will. This adventure could also allow me to complete Bucket item #2 and get a picture in the Winners Circle if timed right and I had the right horse , which both can be done with good planning.
a. Side Note
Cost of this is not too bad, a 2 week hotel stay in NYC near track is about 2500 or so, then I need a nice bamk of 2500 or so, and then a little extra to see a few NYC city things and taxis and tips and such, also a few dinners for some friends too. 5000 minimum and any more would make it that much better, THIS IS A MUST DO FOR ME SOON, as my health is touch and go, and unless I turn it around I may not be around much longer, so while Bucket item #5, it may be the 1st thing I do, if I can.

6. Another fishing trip, this time to Bud n Marys marina in Islamaroda in the Keys . A 2 week trip with at least 10 trips on the party boat they have and 3-4 days of chartering or sharing a charter for full days Offshore at min. 1300 to 1700. this is the pricey part, but worth every penny if we find the Mahi's and limit out each day, big is but these guys are the best and know how to fish. Again my intention is to take my catch home and to share it with local churches and homeless shelter, and of course have plenty for me too, no lies or misunderstanding, ok.
a. Side Note
Cost varies here to go for 2 weeks and stay at the Marina is roughly 2800 for 2 weeks , 400 for food, and 650 for 10 day trips on the Party Boat, for a total of about 4000.
Now for each of the 4 day I can go on a full charter offshore will be an additional 1300 min. for a total of 2600-5200 , if I can not find any shared charters. Sharing would be fun too.
So 4000 grand for no Offshore charters but still 10 days of fishing if the boat goes out each day, that is alot of fishing too.
Maximum cost 9200, phew, come om Derby Superfecta Hit !!!
That is my Bucket List as of Now, none of these things have been done as listed here, but a few have been done in a single day or 2, but never for entire season or 2 weeks at a time, with the Good Lord willing I may be able to make enough to do a few items , but will need a miracle to do a few others, but I will never stop hoping and working to get them all done, wish me well and if possible say a pray for me , please

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Well I am unsure if this is real or not, if it is, I would hate to run across it. I am lacking the effort to keep this blog going, but I been stuck lately , up and down 3-4 pounds , so I may need to change things up and hopefully blow this weight right out Me arse !!! What do ya say about that

Well it is Valentine's Day, and guess what I am alone again, the Ex in Germany, and I am here struggling along each day, and things are getting worse not better. Surgery is needed , like yesterday, but without Insurance, we know that will not happen. I did find a place for about 6 thousand in Vegas who would do it, maybe I need to do a fund raiser for me , but who'd show up for that, all 5 people who read this blog not likely they live no where near me, so I  go each day PRAYING I do not need emergency surgery, becuase if I do , THEN I AM SCREWED FOR SURE, or so the Doc says.

Otherwise have great day

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Down over 7lbs during the holidays

Yes I lost my way a few times, pizza and a big Omeltte breakfast, no Biscuits and Gravy thou.  I am losing, but having trouble focusing,  and staying on track. Hope ths changes and I get to havving fun and working out and of course losing weight.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I found this place and think I may be onto something here, it is quiet and relaxed, yet serious enough to help me do what is necessary to lose some weight.  With Mark's help at Edgewater Fitness Center I can lose what I need to, period !

Down to 425lb, from over 450lbs , but need to do much better and lose much much more, but this will be done in time. Come join me if you dare.
Happy New Year

Friday, November 30, 2012

NOT , making the progress I need to

I was thankful for the holiday's, hope you were too. Start early and do it with friends and it will last a life time. The power of prayers is tremendous, thou not always the answers you want, but never let that discourage you, always keep the faith.
My weight battle is fighting back, but I must overcome the the most rididculous of things to beat this , I must leaarn to eat my veggies, yes eat my veggies.  I do tthis and then nothing will stop me, so how do I overcome this, any idea's ??

Friday, October 5, 2012

5 days into October, what a ride too!!!

Well , I had a few minor issues happen to me , both put a scare into me, yes a scare. 1st , was a pulled muscle in my lower back that I was unable to move for a few hours, and then took me 3-4 days to be up and moving normally again, but not being able to move without that pain was scary, which is why I wish to go slow and not do what I should not do.

2nd , was a Belly Button Hernia that was dormant for the last few years, has become painful overnight, after doing a few classes at the YMCA, which I immediately stopped doing, and it seems the pain is now gone, but so is my money I sent on 3 months of  dues, that now may go to waste, Dag Nabbit!!

Otherwise all is well and I am down from over 450 to 437lbs, happy times are coming, putting my socks on and .... will be a breeze again, and I am still not Type II Diabetic either, a miracle , for which I am truly grateful for.

till next time

Sunday, September 30, 2012

October is here and my journey begins in earnst !

This is a current picture, you could call it the before picture, and hopefully if all goes well, I will never be this big again, never!!!!

This  is where the journey begins, with a few classes a day, taking 1 step at a time, and until the pool is closed for the winter and extra class 4 days a week, I will let you know how this journey goes, and will post the vital's soon enough, stuff like size and weight.

 1 thing I could ask for is the prayers of any willing to send them, I know the power of prayer works and would very appreciative of any sent my way.